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While you are cruising with your vehicle, while you are wondering if we have not arrived yet, you see Alanya Castle, which is the symbol of Alanya and the most beautiful view, with all its magnificence and beauty, and you get excited. After you arrive in Alanya and settle down, you rest. Now is the time to ask, “What are there to visit in Alanya?” But what is that? The weather is hot, the sun is scorching and with the effect of all of these, you feel sluggish and you cannot leave the air conditioner. Do not worry! This article is the kind that will put a distance between you and your air conditioner and at the same time refresh you and fulfill your energy. Here are the places where you can go, have fun and daily tours in Alanya.

First Look of Alanya

Let’s get to know Alanya a little before moving on to places to visit and various activities in Alanya. Alanya is a district of Antalya, which has a long coastline and contains many history and cultures. Places such as Alanya Castle, Cleopatra Beach, Damlataş Cave, and Red Tower have become the symbols of Alanya.

Alanya Castle, which was built on a peninsula that is 250 meters above the sea, was built by Selçuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat I in 1221, and there are 83 towers and 140 bastions in the castle. You can go to Alanya Castle, which can be seen from almost anywhere in Alanya, by city buses, your own car or the cable car in Damlataş. Around the castle, there are souvenir shops, restaurants and places for you to watch the unique view and take pictures.

Another symbol of Alanya is Cleopatra Beach, which takes its name from the famous Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. According to the rumor, Roman General Antony gifted the present Alanya and its surroundings to Queen Cleopatra. The Queen also went down to Cleopatra Beach every day to take a bath. Cleopatra beach, which is loved by tourists today, where you can swim with its azure waters and of course the unique view of Alanya Castle, is waiting for you to swim and enjoy the beach.

We went to Alanya Castle and swam at Cleopatra beach. Is that all ? Of course no. Let’s leave the historical places aside for now. There are many daily tours you can join in Alanya. In summary, Safari Tours, Boat Tours, Underwater Diving, Paragliding, daily tours in Alanya.

Top Things to Do in Alanya

Paragliding Tour:

Which of us hasn’t dreamed of soaring in the sky? Soaring in the sky as if opening the doors of freedom, flying against the view of Cleopatra with the adrenaline dispersed throughout your body. Imagine yourself leaving a 750-meter-high flat hill with Safari Jeeps. If you can dream it, then do it. A great opportunity for adrenaline lovers!

Boat Tours:

There are many boats in the concept of pirate boats with designs that may attract your attention at Alanya Pier. These boats offer you the opportunity to see the Pirate Cave, Phosphorus Cave and Lovers Cave, which can only be reached by sea. However, you can spend hours of fun in the blue waters with foam parties, animation shows and various activities. The Boat Tour, which you can go every day, takes 5-6 hours. There are two different types of tours, morning and sunset. I would definitely recommend the sunset tours!

Safari Tours:

The Taurus Mountains are the Mountain Range, which stretches along the Mediterranean, where various endemic species live and which contains natural beauties. Organized in Alanya and various regions of Antalya, some of them are city tours, some of them continue deep in the Taurus Mountains. There are three types of Safari Tours: Jeep, ATV and Buggy. It will be a good choice to make your day fun and action-packed with off-road, where you will feel like you are in the Amazon forest, intertwined with wildlife and action. Dim Stream, which is known for its cold water in summer and winter, will cool you down on a pleasant day in Alanya, accompanied by delicious food, and Dim Cave, which is located nearby, awaits you, those who love to travel, with its natural beauty.

Life in Alanya

Let’s come to the nightlife of Alanya. There is an unusual nightlife. The reason for this is that people like to have fun and dance in Pubs or Clubs, as well as to avoid the scorching heat, most of the people go for a walk, shop or walk after dark. Don’t be surprised when you see restaurants, various shops, cafes and markets open at 12:00 at night! Located in Damlataş, right on the edge of Cleopatra Beach, you can do sports, socialize, and spend a pleasant time on the beach with the view of Alanya Castle, in the 24/7 open and free basketball, volleyball and table tennis courts.

Night Life in Alanya:

In the evening, while you are looking for something in the souvenir shop on the bazaar, you hear the slowly rising music and wonder. You track it to find out where the music is coming from. The music gets louder and you start to hear the screaming of people having fun. When you turn the corner, you arrive at Alanya Bar Street.

People who can’t fit in the clubs lined up one after the other, dancing on the street fires something inside you! You dance and have fun, leaving yourself to the exciting arms of music. In addition to places with fast tempo music such as Latino, IDM, Techno, House, there are also places with live music and Pub concept. If you have a different style, we did our research for you, dear Turkish lovers. Türkü Bars are also widely available in Alanya. After the clubs have closed, the tradition of continuing the fun and conversation under the Red Tower is known to many. It can relieve the tiredness of the night with the sound of the waves. You can have a good time with your friends while sipping your beer.

Transportation and Traffic in Alanya:

Although Alanya offers you good opportunities for holiday and entertainment, transportation is difficult with public buses or with your own vehicle. If you have never been before, it would be useful to inform you. The buses you can use to get from one place to another from the coastline are buses 1 and 101. For the road that passes directly through the district, known as the 25-meter road, you can use the 202A, 202B or 2B buses. If you came with your own vehicle, the traffic and horn sounds in the city will be a black hole formed to absorb your energy. You will not be able to find a parking space for your vehicle and you will make an effort for this for a long time. Do not worry! Of course there is a solution for this. There are many places that rent bicycles in Alanya. You can make it both healthy and fun with the view of the coast by cycling to the place you will reach. Cycling is pretty common and convenient here! If you don’t want to pedal, you can alternatively use scooters known as binbin.

Culture and Art:

Art in Alanya is like a tree emerging from a concrete city’s stone pavements. Although it is a favorite place for tourism, it is a place where art is given great importance. A theater is played almost every week in Alanya Cultural Center in Damlataş. You can participate in many activities and shows such as various Ebru Arts, Turkish Classical Music, Turkish Folk Dances and have a good time.

Alanya Meals:

It is possible to smoke hookah in a sushi restaurant in Alanya, where many cultures are kept alive! Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. I can say that the tradesmen of Alanya are confused about this issue. Most of the restaurants are similar to each other. In addition to the restaurants with the concept of Steak-House decorated with neon lights, fast-food restaurants that you know are widely available. East Asian, Mexican, Italian and Indian cuisines, which you cannot see everywhere, also add diversity to the food culture. There are cute places where you can go for breakfast on the edge of the castle walls.


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